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I’ve Been Called Out

That figures. I come back from my honeymoon and I find that I’ve been meme-tagged.

Something about “he needs to update this thing more.” Funny how it works. So…five things that most people don’t know about me:

1. I never came close to flunking out of college. Take THAT, you hacks! There’s a pretty simple reason for that, and it’s more related to what people don’t know: I was a music major. Specifically, I sing. Opera. I actually missed cum laude by about .005 of my GPA. Whether it was the D I got in Music History III or Piano IV, I’m not sure. I’m also the only one, between me, my brother and sister, to have gone to a public university. I also got a free ride. Take that as you may.

2. I come from a massive family. I’m the oldest of 16 first cousins, my mother being the oldest of 6. What most people consider “extended” family I tend to consider my immediate.

3. I love driving. I mean, love. All kinds of cars. I prefer manual transmissions. I don’t care about the distance, I just want to drive. I do stupid things with cars, but have never gotten into a real accident. I’ve been rear-ended once. I’ve smoked more tires during the BMW Ultimate Drive than I can count.

4. I’m terrified of heights. Not even heights, per se. It’s the falling. You see, my brain extrapolates what would happen should someone fall from the height I’m currently looking at. Not even me. I get nervous watching people on balconies, like during this past New Year’s at a friend’s place. Mainly because I’m imagining what’s going to happen to them if they fall.

5. I have immense techno-lust. I see new toys and I want them very badly. My wife refers to it as “just being a geek,” but it’s something rather more than that. I want to know how all of this shit works, and why. I want to find out what you can do with it, and I want to understand it very thoroughly. I don’t want to just know it. I want to grok it completely. I suppose that’s why they hand me all the new stuff at work.

So now what, I have to tag five people? Everyone else has been tagged. Except for the obvious, so I’ll do that anyway. Poppin, Ray, Pander, SavageX and Jiffy. Write it.

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  1. leian wrote:

    Hm….. why am I not surprised at 2, 3 and 5?

    Sunday, June 17, 2007 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

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