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Rundown for June 25: Has it Been a Week?

Yeah, so I took a long week to get my batteries recharged before the baby comes. Played a lot of Lord of the Rings Online. Got my Hunter almost to 21. Then I can use the keen new spear and sword dual wield combo I picked up.

This is the Rundown for June 25th, gaming style:

1. Sony declares 380 145 titles for the PS3 by March 2008. Ozy’s site’s my link for the info because he makes it pretty clear: when they said 380 titles by 3/08 it would be 33.3 titles a month not counting downloadables. Even with their revised “oh hell, we meant 145″ it’s 24 titles a month until March.

2. Nintendo hot on Sony’s heels in terms of market value. This was on the Nikkei as it closed on Friday afternoon, and they had popped just above Sony before dropping just under them at the bell. More bad news for Sony, I figure. Nintendo only does video games now. Sony should be picking up a lot more from TVs and other consumer electronics.

3. The Zune is on sale at Toys R Us for $199. If you were up for it, that is. I don’t hear horrible things about it, just “it’s no iPod,” which isn’t exactly a huge knock or a ringing endorsement.

4. Lum has info on Wowhead being sold to Affinity Media, who own/don’t own/won’t own up to owning IGE. A million dollars is a million dollars, but it’s still Selling Out.

5. To close, look out for monkey balls and penis trains. They’re dangerous.

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