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I Swear On My 360

If I ever meet the person who decided that to format a thesis you had to separate the goddamned document into 16 SECTIONS over 31 pages just to get a 2″ top margin on each chapter heading and 1″ on all the other pages, I’ll throttle them.

I’ll also throttle the person who still thinks that in this day and age we NEED to have an odd-ass, annoyingly obscure 2″ top margin-style formatting and alternating page numbers with roman numerals, and then oh NO in the appendix we have to number first pages and not others, oh YES, I’ll throttle you, Mr. or Ms. Thesis Formatter. Ohhh, yes I will.

In other news, Aims finished her thesis, in case you hadn’t guessed.

If she goes for her doctorate I’m buying a copy of Nota Bene.

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