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First of all, I’m typing this one handed, baby on my chest and cat on my feet.

I feel hot. Little heaters, both of them.

I have discovered the following:
1. wipey warmers are a GOOD thing.
2. Huggies are great, Pampers are fine, Luvs suck.
3. 4AM is a great time to get peed on.
4. 2 changing table covers are not enough.
5. Koala care surpasses Kangaroo care.
6. Some babies are just belly sleepers.
7. Yes they really breathe like that.
8. I must learn to read his mind.
9. You never have enough baby clothes.
10. For breastfed babies, poop is also a projectile.

He’s beautiful, he’s a great baby, and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

My thoughts on the actual birth when I’m more mobile.