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Serious Question

For all of my friends locally who love cats but don’t have any of their own (there are some):

Would any of you be willing to take Remi? She’s breaking our hearts.

With the arrival of Mikey, the move and everything else going on in our lives, she’s miserable. She’s lonely and needs affection that we just can’t possibly give her anymore; Tangie, Dot and Maggie are perfectly fine and outright ecstatic to have a house to run around in and have a baby chase after them. Well, maybe not ecstatic about Mikey toddling after them going “cah! cah! cahcahcahcahcahcaaaaaahhh!” but they’re certainly alright with it. They’ve learned to run.

We’re pretty serious about this, but only based on the concept that we would be re-homing her to someone who was going to care for her, and that she would be an only cat. She craves attention, and loves sleeping on beds (and on your pillow, just over your head). She’s a nearly 100% silent cat: the only time I’ve ever heard her make real noises was when we put her in a carrier for going to the vet or moving.

It pains us horribly to even ask, but we could only allow her to go if she was going to be alone.

That said…anybody know somebody? Any takers? She’s a great lap cat. She’d be a great pet for an older person. *sigh*

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