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Merry Christmas!

Apparently this is Killer Cute.

Today My Boy Is One

Today is the day my son turns one. He walks, he giggles, he plays, he fights, cries and throws tantrums. He loves the bath. He hates getting his hair washed. He loves bananas, sweet potatoes and especially avacado. Not so fond of applesauce yet. He loves music, dancing and singing. He’s got a weird thing […]

Year-End Report

We here at LydenCorp would like to extend our hearty congratulations to all employees for a fantastic year. Highlights follow…

Quick Note

My son just did the 2nd most “me” thing ever: fell asleep in the middle of an activity. He was playing in his jungle thingy and all of a sudden just boom, out like a light.

Weekend Update

OK, so I haven’t written anything since September. I’ve been wary, what can I say? I’m willing to admit that I’m frustrated and upset over how things have been regarding North Carolina. At last count I’ve put about 30 or 40 resumes out there and come away with 1 phone interview and a screening that […]

Good News

Thu Sep 06 2769 Depart PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL (PHL) at 5:25 PM Arrive in RALEIGH DUR (RDU) at 7:05 PM Fri Sep 07 192 Depart RALEIGH DURHAM (RDU) at 8:35 PM Arrive in PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIO (PHL) at 9:50 PM Meaning yeah, I got a face to face interview for a job at Duke. I’m worried about […]


Quiet Time First of all, I’m typing this one handed, baby on my chest and cat on my feet. I feel hot. Little heaters, both of them. I have discovered the following: 1. wipey warmers are a GOOD thing. 2. Huggies are great, Pampers are fine, Luvs suck. 3. 4AM is a great time to […]

Now Taking Suggestions

Other than the obvious suggestions (sex, walking, pedicures and foot massage), what the heck else will hurry labor along? Other than waiting, that is. Because the OB has decided that Tuesday afternoon is drop-dead time and we’re not comfortable with that.

My Son is Already Disobedient

I’ve instructed my son to shape up his act and get the hell out of his mother’s womb NOW. He continues to ignore me. I find it aggravating. Aimee finds it even more so. Come hell or high water, this kid’s getting born by August 1st, though.