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Playing at CHOP

And Another Role Bites The Dust for Charles Sorry, dude. This is just not working out, huh?

Obama and McCain: Off the Ticket in Texas? Read and digest. They didn’t certify themselves before the deadline to be on the ballot in Texas.

Running on Empty

It’s that time of year. The students are back. My life has plummeted down the tubes. I said to Aimee the other day that sometimes I felt taken for granted. I don’t know why. I’m pretty burned out. But that’s not it entirely. I don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s why I can’t sleep. Gotta go […]


Today My Boy Is One

Today is the day my son turns one. He walks, he giggles, he plays, he fights, cries and throws tantrums. He loves the bath. He hates getting his hair washed. He loves bananas, sweet potatoes and especially avacado. Not so fond of applesauce yet. He loves music, dancing and singing. He’s got a weird thing […]

Nuggets of Truth

Jesus God…Why doesn’t someone want to talk about it!…Is it because we’re having so much fun at home we’ve forgotten the world? Is it because we’re so rich and the rest of the world’s so poor and we don’t care if they are? I’ve heard rumors; the world is starving, but we’re well-fed. Is it […]

Serious Question

For all of my friends locally who love cats but don’t have any of their own (there are some): Would any of you be willing to take Remi? She’s breaking our hearts. With the arrival of Mikey, the move and everything else going on in our lives, she’s miserable. She’s lonely and needs affection that […]

Political Commentary Time

So in case the few people who read my site don’t know, New Jersey’s in a massive budgetary crunch. Governor Jon Corzine, who is technically my boss, has decided he needs to close nine state parks to save a whopping $4.5 million dollars out of his $38 billion state budget. It’s a whopping 0.011% of […]