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Shop Rite can be slow

So Aimee lost a receipt. Shop Rite says “sure no problem, it’ll just be a few minutes.” This was 10 minutes ago. Also it’s kinda chilly in here.

Photo testing


Does this work as awesomely as I think it should? Let’s try it out.

Check one, check two

Posting from my Droid. Working? Hope so.

Is this thing on?

I think I’m going to come back to this now. I’m ready.

Also, I think I’m going to delete my Facebook account. Wholesale deletion, the kind they bury in the help information, not just deactivating.

Simplifying, and divesting. If people would like to keep up with me, they’re more than welcome.

I think a visual redesign will be required, too. I’ll draw something up. Consult with folks. And give some light instructions on how to communicate with me more easily.

Sound like a plan?

A Message from James Tomasino

“Man Up.”





Jeep Boy


Elmo Time!


Cheesestaek = Hamcaek?