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Political Commentary Time

So in case the few people who read my site don’t know, New Jersey’s in a massive budgetary crunch. Governor Jon Corzine, who is technically my boss, has decided he needs to close nine state parks to save a whopping $4.5 million dollars out of his $38 billion state budget.

It’s a whopping 0.011% of the state budget.

In comparison, in recent years, Corzine and cronies have pushed through borrowing $270 million dollars for stem cell research, amongst the myriad things like legislators double-dipping on their jobs, double-dipping their pensions and generally screwing we rank-and-file state employees by not funding our pensions.

Why is he doing this? We, as a population, said NO to his proposed toll hikes, which were rightfully exposed as a regressive tax on the middle class of this state. In a punitive measure, he has now declared he’s cutting state parks, cutting aid to public hospitals $108 million (0.28% of the state budget), cutting aid to state universities $76 million (0.2%), and eliminating the state Department of Agriculture to save $4 million (0.1%).

In several fell swoops of his ego, Corzine proposes cutting the poor and middle class out of this state entirely, and we who live here will eventually have no other choice but to move out and leave the rich and the party bosses alone in the mess they’ve created.

Corzine. Out. Now.

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