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Today My Boy Is One

Today is the day my son turns one. He walks, he giggles, he plays, he fights, cries and throws tantrums.

He loves the bath. He hates getting his hair washed.

He loves bananas, sweet potatoes and especially avacado. Not so fond of applesauce yet.

He loves music, dancing and singing. He’s got a weird thing for Beach Boys type surf rock. He’s good with Tom Petty and Barenaked Ladies. He also appreciates Daddy’s singing.

Many mornings when I wake up and afternoons when I get home from work, he greets me with a “hiiii dah-daaaah!” This morning he greeted me with a smile, giggle and a projectile pee. It’s been a while since I’ve had to contend with that.

Leaving for work is the hardest, because he’s old enough to know that Daddy’s going away and he’ll stand there crying as I leave the house.

This little thing transformed himself in the span of a year. He’s almost 4 times the weight he was when he was born. He’s at least twice as tall. I hear it only gets worse.

He’s got 8 teeth. There’s more coming in. Molars. They’re the worst.

He’s in the living room with Mommy right now playing with his toy guitar we bought him for his birthday. He’s currently playing Crazy Little Thing Called Love over and over and over. It figures, Mommy likes Queen a lot too.

The house is clean. 40 people will descend upon it today. Friends and family all coming to pour love on my son.

Life can be pretty awesome sometimes.

Hope your day’s as awesome as his.