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Getting Sentimental

Totally unrelated to missing my family, who’s in Colorado visiting our family out there…

I was pouring my coffee into my mug this morning and I thought about how much I miss my job from high school and college. I was 16, and I worked at a small company in Lake Hopatcong called Digitize, Inc doing…pretty much everything. If it was technology oriented, I handled it. I ran ethernet cable, repaired computers, salvaged parts, did data entry, created their very first website (warning: early web design stuff by a 17 year old. your eyes may burn) There were barely 20 people working there, building alarm systems and selling them to places like Harvard.

I had my own office and everything. And I just realized that was 14 years ago, now. I digress.

The thing that reminded me was the coffee. First one in in the morning put water in the 2 spacemaker coffee machines, put in Maxwell House or Chock Full O’Nuts from the big BJ’s Club sized can and fired them up. Coffee. All the time.

The office I had for the longest time was right next to the kitchenette.

I really miss that place.

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