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Early Morning Thoughts

Looking back at 20 months of fatherhood, I’ve discovered the following:

  • Coffee is the most important thing. No coffee, no function.
  • I used to question why they started children’s programming at 6AM. Not anymore.
  • When they’re sick and nonverbal, expect screaming.
  • Never underestimate the power of hugs.
  • Don’t be above fibbing to your child. Cream cheese is cheese. Pears are apples. It’s important when they have a limited vocabulary.
  • Not telling your children about Santa Claus because “it’s just a lie, and my parents brought me up on that lie, and it was a HUGE betrayal, I’ll never lie to my children” is just overly pedantic. Unless you’re Jewish, then I expect you should tell them about Hannukah Harry.
  • On a related note, children need fantasy. They’re not little adults. They’re children.
  • Sarcasm is not a child rearing philosophy.

I suppose there’ll be more later.

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