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Lunch time!

Holy Crap…Books!

Getting Sentimental

Totally unrelated to missing my family, who’s in Colorado visiting our family out there… I was pouring my coffee into my mug this morning and I thought about how much I miss my job from high school and college. I was 16, and I worked at a small company in Lake Hopatcong called Digitize, Inc […]

Beardvember: the 11th

Getting fuller.

Vote Or Something

I’d say vote or die but that’s too trite. Do the country a favor and vote. I’d prefer Libertarian but at least get out there and get involved, no matter your party. Thanks.

Doctor Who says “Happy Halloween!!”

RIP Maggie 1998-2008

Today we put Maggie to sleep. It was sudden. She hadn’t been acting herself for a little while, and she seemed disinterested in food. She was walking around the house slowly and meowing loudly. We called the vet this morning and got an appointment at 1. Turned out that her bad breath was a sign […]

LOVE IT Rick Astley |MTV Music

Sleeping Boy