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TD Bank :(

I’ll miss you Commerce.


Metaplace Announced to Resounding Meh

Raph Koster‘s new group Areae1 finally announced their product: MEATSPACE2 METAPLACE. Raph was nice enough to give the BBC a preview. From the looks of it it’s building heavily on Raph’s personal quest of The Virtual World, except in this case there are going to be a whole BUNCH of worlds in addition to Raph’s, […]

When Response Time Fails

So Lummo the Magnificent linked up this article that my old cohort Joe Blancato wrote for The Escapist. It’s all about how CCP, magnificent overlords of Excel Online, not only had their own little GM Darwin problem, though to a slightly lesser degree. Only slightly, because it can’t be proved that there was anything more […]

Nothing New Under the Sun

There’s this piece over on Gamasutra, a good one. It’s an interview with Chris Crawford where the first thing he really says is: Well basically, new ideas don’t go anywhere. So the industry is just rehashing the same stuff over and over. During the 80s there was a lot of experimentation, a lot of new […]

Console Makers Have Cranio-Rectal Inversion

It’s a red-letter day for consoles. First off we have Phil Harrison spouting off at German mag Der Spiegel with the following statements: We believe that the PS3 will be the place where our users play games, watch films, browse the Web, and use other computer functions. The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do […]

It’s Either Ego or Unceasing Optimism

Vaporware darlings Infinium Labs, progenitors of the Phantom, have an announcement to make. Instead of closing up shop and admitting their box is truly vapor, they’re changing their name to the Phantom Gaming Service and to…heh. Hahheehoohohoholollerskates++! To double the amount of stock currently available to the public from 600 million shares to 1.2 billion. […]

The Hits, They Keep On Coming

Bruce is still at it over on the Vanguard forums. He’s trumpeting his usual battlecry of “I’m important, I’m important” and as per usual, he’s getting all sorts of backlash. Popcorn, anyone?

When Worlds Collide

When a pompous blowhard meets a down-on-his luck developer, you know wacky sparks are going to fly!! The new reality sitcom, “Bruce n’ Brad” coming to you this summer season, from CBS! CATCH THE FEVER!! There’s always something about Bruce talking in the third person that makes me laugh.

One for Lum

Something I just came across from Boingboing: Kimchi causes cancer. Just so you know that you could conceivably kill yourself over there, Scott.