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When Response Time Fails

So Lummo the Magnificent linked up this article that my old cohort Joe Blancato wrote for The Escapist.

It’s all about how CCP, magnificent overlords of Excel Online, not only had their own little GM Darwin problem, though to a slightly lesser degree. Only slightly, because it can’t be proved that there was anything more going on than in-game bonuses being given to his friends and cohorts.

The problem being that apparently the person responsible for everything, t20, hasn’t been fired. He actually posted his first and only dev blog, helpfully titled On Recent Allegations. In it, he admits that the only allegation that is true is that he handed over original blueprints to the Flameburst Precision Light Missile, the Phalanx Rage Rocket, the Havoc Fury Heavy Missile, the Bloodclaw Fury Light Missile and blueprints for what appear to be two ship chassis, the Spike L and the Sabre.

The comment I made on brokentoys rings even more true knowing that they covered this up since June 2006. Seven months is more than enough time for an alliance the size of BoB to stockpile more missiles, rockets and ships than they know what to do with, and so far CCP’s response has been that the blueprints were “handed back to CCP” (read: deleted) and that they’d be raffled off.

I didn’t read anything stating that the ill-gotten gains of BoB were deleted along with the blueprint handover. I’ll willingly admit that I’m not sure of the process of manufacturing from blueprints, but if my assumptions are correct, it’s not going to matter.

What CCP needs to do is come completely clean. Lay it all out.

Then fire the person responsible.

After all, it’s been laid out in front of you in your CEO’s dev blog:

We now have resources dedicated to performing audits of dev activity on Tranquility with much more frequency than before. This, combined with additional layers of security, and the non-negotiable penalty of employment termination upon conviction of such acts, represents the full extent that we will go to deter dev misconduct.

You owe it to your player base to do the right thing.

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