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We Wuz Robbed

Today, the Memorial Marauders lost their first softball game of the season to Team Everybody Else, 12-10, by way of being shafted by time constraints after-the-fact. The ump said he wasn’t going to pay attention to the time limit and just let us play 7 innings. We got out of the first inning by mercy […]

Stupid Resume Tricks

It took me hours of thinking, and mind melding with Aimee and Chris O. to come up with this: To obtain a web programming and design position in which I can apply my technical knowledge, problem solving and teamwork skills in a challenging academic environment I feel positively retarded. Also, I moved from a chronological […]

Jobs Jobs Jobs!

Currently working on updating my resume for employment opportunities in the Triangle area in North Carolina. Right now I’m aiming at Duke and its satellites, but I’m not shy about hearing about other opportunities that’ll pay me roughly what I’m making here. I do all ranges of tech support, Mac and PC, Linux too…on the […]