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Nugget of Joy

Kid wanted to know why he couldn’t stream his webcam as part of a project. We told him we didn’t allow streaming from desktop machines on campus. What was his project? He wanted to stream a webcam pointing at a computer screen displaying a real-time graph of the temperature/ph of his fish tank. It was […]

Year-End Report

We here at LydenCorp would like to extend our hearty congratulations to all employees for a fantastic year. Highlights follow…

On Jobs and Jersey

So yeah. Some may remember this cryptic post from quite a while back. That was the first inkling of the possibility of the following announcement: I have interviewed, passed the gauntlet, been offered and have accepted the offer of a promotion within my division at Rowan from Desktop Support to Junior Network Admin, Cisco Stuff.

Weekend Update

OK, so I haven’t written anything since September. I’ve been wary, what can I say? I’m willing to admit that I’m frustrated and upset over how things have been regarding North Carolina. At last count I’ve put about 30 or 40 resumes out there and come away with 1 phone interview and a screening that […]

Sholy Hucking Fit

That is all.

You are carrying too much equipment. You are Encumbered.

Well…at least Steve is honest. I made some contacts and met new people. And those people were really cool. It’s a shame. I’m used to being cumbersome, though. To-do list: ComiXpress backend stuff Flynn Interiors design Talk to Fatima about HER site I was gearing up to do web work for the next three weeks […]

On the Past and the Future

With the interview, the baby, and what will wind up being a large interstate move of my very own*, I’ve been deep in thought. I’ve pretty much had to be. People keep quizzing me on why I want to move to North Carolina so badly. To me, it’s not so much that I want to […]

Good News

Thu Sep 06 2769 Depart PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL (PHL) at 5:25 PM Arrive in RALEIGH DUR (RDU) at 7:05 PM Fri Sep 07 192 Depart RALEIGH DURHAM (RDU) at 8:35 PM Arrive in PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIO (PHL) at 9:50 PM Meaning yeah, I got a face to face interview for a job at Duke. I’m worried about […]

Resume’s Done

Yes, I know it’s 2:30 in the morning or thereabouts. I was on a roll. It’s now about a page and a half, skills-based with that objective sentence that I had there before. Layout is as follows…