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Weekend Update

OK, so I haven’t written anything since September. I’ve been wary, what can I say?

I’m willing to admit that I’m frustrated and upset over how things have been regarding North Carolina. At last count I’ve put about 30 or 40 resumes out there and come away with 1 phone interview and a screening that led to a face to face that went nowhere only after pushing me up and down like a sine wave for two weeks. If you’re still reading, Stephen (or anyone else from the department), I know it wasn’t personal. I haven’t checked the logs for any hits from lately but I’m not really worrying about that anymore.

While my resume is still being shopped around down south, I’ve also applied for a new position here at the university. It’s a step up in grade, which means a good chunk of change. It’d lead to a CCNA, which is useful, and in no way related to PHP, SQL, or anything else that I apparently can’t prove to anyone’s satisfaction that I can do. There’s a web position that opened over in the library, but it was a lateral move that wouldn’t have helped me much, if at all.

It’s not to say that my life’s been derailed by it, but I’m back in a holding pattern. It also leads to the concept that if I get the new, better paying position here in Jersey that we’ll likely stick around for a while longer. Buying a house is something I completely want and need to do right now. The place we’re in is small and has so little room we have nowhere to put baby toys. It’s unbelievable, this kid has more stuff than either of us.

On that note, I’m tired and don’t really feel like writing about anything else right now.

Look, a pirate! YAR!

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