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On Jobs and Jersey

So yeah.

Some may remember this cryptic post from quite a while back. That was the first inkling of the possibility of the following announcement:

I have interviewed, passed the gauntlet, been offered and have accepted the offer of a promotion within my division at Rowan from Desktop Support to Junior Network Admin, Cisco Stuff.

This is also what was edging Aimee and I towards buying a house in the area. Fortunately this has now come true, and with my mortgage being based on the salary of my previous position we will have a good amount of breathing room within my paychecks to allow for Aimee to go back to work at her leisure, and to use her salary to pay off her school loans until we’re out from under them.

So we’ve gotten married, had a beautiful baby, almost moved to North Carolina, bought a house, and gotten a promotion.

My father has said, and Aims and I agree, that life seems to have fallen into place pretty nicely.

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