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Told You So

I knew it’d frigging fit. Lying liarsons of Lying, Lyoming.

House Update for Sunday

So for everyone who asked, yes, today was much better than yesterday. First off, the Dish TV guy got everything hooked up perfect, and I now have MSG network and NFL network. I have 2 dishes on my house now, too. We got our new split-queen boxspring and we now have a REAL bed again. […]

Boy Am I Shot

The POD is empty. All of the large items are in the house. Just freaking done. DONE. We had a nightmare of appliance proportions today: 1. This morning while I was closing up our old place, Aimee rushed ahead with the baby just in time for Best Buy to come and deliver our new washer […]

Year-End Report

We here at LydenCorp would like to extend our hearty congratulations to all employees for a fantastic year. Highlights follow…

On Jobs and Jersey

So yeah. Some may remember this cryptic post from quite a while back. That was the first inkling of the possibility of the following announcement: I have interviewed, passed the gauntlet, been offered and have accepted the offer of a promotion within my division at Rowan from Desktop Support to Junior Network Admin, Cisco Stuff.