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Category Archives: rundown

Year-End Report

We here at LydenCorp would like to extend our hearty congratulations to all employees for a fantastic year. Highlights follow…

Rundown for June 25: Has it Been a Week?

Yeah, so I took a long week to get my batteries recharged before the baby comes. Played a lot of Lord of the Rings Online. Got my Hunter almost to 21. Then I can use the keen new spear and sword dual wield combo I picked up. This is the Rundown for June 25th, gaming […]

Because Corp is not a Blog

I know it seems odd, but there’s daily thought that is somehow inapporpriate for places like Corpnews. Minor thoughts that aren’t article-worthy; you know the kinds I mean. Like these: I’m really enjoying Guild Wars: Factions right now, so much so that I’m thinking about new combos for my assassin when I’m in the shower […]