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Maybe this will help

Nugget of Joy

Kid wanted to know why he couldn’t stream his webcam as part of a project. We told him we didn’t allow streaming from desktop machines on campus. What was his project? He wanted to stream a webcam pointing at a computer screen displaying a real-time graph of the temperature/ph of his fish tank. It was […]


November 11th: I get a Red Ring of Death on my 360 (CURSES! MASS EFFECT!! SCENE IT!! I CANNOT PLAY!!!!!) November 19th: I get my coffin. November 20th: It will go out at 8:30AM. COME HOME SOON, 360!! What the hell TOOK so long to get an empty box to me?

On the Past and the Future

With the interview, the baby, and what will wind up being a large interstate move of my very own*, I’ve been deep in thought. I’ve pretty much had to be. People keep quizzing me on why I want to move to North Carolina so badly. To me, it’s not so much that I want to […]

Sony Showing Signs of Weakness

Just a quick thought on consoles again. Sony just announced they’re dropping the 20GB PS3. This is on the heels of the XBox 360 Elite being announced at a $479 price point. I’m the first one to admit that the Elite offers nothing that I want or need: HDMI is a moot point as I […]

Gaming Rig, Ho!

What-ho, ho-down? Been doing a lot of work lately. It doesn’t stop me from dreaming up gaming rigs for people that ask “What the heck should I buy if I don’t want to spend too much?” It boils down to a list like this, and about $900. The video card is bang-for-the-buck, RAM and hard […]

The Technology Challenge

So last night in #hate I asked a rhetorical question: should I upgrade my laptop to Vista? I had my hands on the full Vista Business Edition after all. There was a resounding raspberry from the entire channel. I did it anyway. About an hour after I started the upgrade, it was ready for the […]