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Sony Showing Signs of Weakness

Just a quick thought on consoles again.

Sony just announced they’re dropping the 20GB PS3. This is on the heels of the XBox 360 Elite being announced at a $479 price point. I’m the first one to admit that the Elite offers nothing that I want or need: HDMI is a moot point as I have VGA input on my Westinghouse 42″, and the bigger hard drive means nothing since I don’t download all that much stuff.

With the loss of the $499 PS3 from the lineup, it makes the 360-PS3 gap even larger. Most people don’t look at details, but for the hard-drive conscious folks, they’re going to look at 120GB on the $479Elite and wonder why they’re only getting 60 on the $599 PS3.

Have you ever even heard of the blu-ray? It’s the FUTURE!

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