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For Chrissy’s Edification

Aimee and I have been ROCKING THE HELL OUT with Rock Band since Christmas Eve, as DAFT STEEL, the punkmetal gods. Except we’ve been told we have to increase our fanbase in Amsterdam. Apparently Amsterdam would like us to play some fruity Fall Out Boy song called “Dead On Arrival.” I mean, REALLY. Have you […]


HURRY UP UPS i want to play mass effect. ><

360 AWAY



November 11th: I get a Red Ring of Death on my 360 (CURSES! MASS EFFECT!! SCENE IT!! I CANNOT PLAY!!!!!) November 19th: I get my coffin. November 20th: It will go out at 8:30AM. COME HOME SOON, 360!! What the hell TOOK so long to get an empty box to me?

Video Games and Your Baby

He’s three weeks old as of yesterday. I’ve learned the following with regards to video games: All-Pro Football 2k8 is a thumbs up. Nothing horribly loud or startling about it. Routinely sleeps on my chest while we play. Gears of War is alright when he’s being held by Mommy. Bioshock makes him very fussy. Lots […]

Sony Showing Signs of Weakness

Just a quick thought on consoles again. Sony just announced they’re dropping the 20GB PS3. This is on the heels of the XBox 360 Elite being announced at a $479 price point. I’m the first one to admit that the Elite offers nothing that I want or need: HDMI is a moot point as I […]