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Expounding on a Topic

So over on Corp I wrote a little bit about my current gaming interests. I figured I’d expound a bit more here, since it’s more of a personal nature.

I’m sick of fantasy games. Completely, totally and actually sick of them. I’ve played them to death. I’m a late bloomer, because I didn’t start on UO until T2A. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t around for the Dread Lord days. As much as I harp that I love open PvP, I didn’t start playing the model zone/open PvP game until the reds and notos were long gone. It didn’t keep me from loving duelling with my dexmonkey bard and his DP’d Kryss. I still had to keep magic-trapped bags to release paralyze and all the other trappings we’ve come to miss.

I always looked down on EQ as some sort of positive reinforcement/operant conditioning kind of deal. Then again, Curt Schilling loved EQ. He’s started his own company, for the love of Raph, and actually has a decent idea of what a lot of us are looking for:

Q-What game mechanic concept has really psyched you up in the past that you have yet to see in an MMORPG?

A-A true, immersive, incredibly well thought out and interactive story, that doesn’t feel like it’s being pushed on you. A story that doesn’t force you to do things that aren’t fun.

More power to Schill if he can pull it off. I’ll give that to him. He also comments that he’s the most hyped for Warhammer Online, so he’s clearly not on the same page as I am with regards to genre.

I spend more time playing my 360 and my PS2. I don’t know whether it’s that I’ve just outgrown MMOs or I just have a different focus right now. There’s some really great narrative that I’m dipping into with my consoles. Laugh if you will. I’m very into Gears of War, and I just happened to pick up the first God of War for PS2 and that’s got me pretty engaged. Who knows? Maybe my next game will be a console MMO. Bleh.

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