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In other news…

we put in an offer on a house in Mullica Hill and it’s been accepted. 3 BR, 2.5 BA with a basement and a garage. Holy crap, I say. Holy CRAP!! Great deal. Now we just have to move on to contracts and mortgages.

Weekend Update

OK, so I haven’t written anything since September. I’ve been wary, what can I say? I’m willing to admit that I’m frustrated and upset over how things have been regarding North Carolina. At last count I’ve put about 30 or 40 resumes out there and come away with 1 phone interview and a screening that […]

On the Past and the Future

With the interview, the baby, and what will wind up being a large interstate move of my very own*, I’ve been deep in thought. I’ve pretty much had to be. People keep quizzing me on why I want to move to North Carolina so badly. To me, it’s not so much that I want to […]


Somehow, some way, the Memorial Hall Marauders clawed, fought and bit their way through the brutal intramural employee softball season, playing two doubleheaders in 1 week and beating the heavily favored All Trades/Facilities teams 11-6. They were undefeated, beating us pretty badly the first time. We had to plow through the Athletics Department team first […]

First Time for Everything

Turns out there’s occasionally good reasons for living in New Jersey. Take this for instance. If you’re going to try to pressure an ISP into getting the personal data behind someone’s online identity and said someone lives in Jersey, you’d better bring the force of a subpoena or a search warrant, otherwise you’re now going […]